In the construction industry there are many material choices. Vinyl is by far the most superior, for several reasons.

Q:What makes vinyl better than other products and building materials?

Ans: It is stronger, more durable, longer lasting, safer (fire resistant), lower in maintenance and therefore the most cost-efficient material available.

Q:How does this product perform over time, in weather, etc.?

Ans: All of our vinyl products are guaranteed against: cracking, peeling, warping, fading, breaking, chipping, peeling and rotting.

Q: What is the guarantee/warranty?

Ans: All of our vinyl products are backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty.

Q: How do I clean vinyl?

Ans: Vinyl (like all exterior products), may become dirty due to outdoor exposure. However, vinyl is unique in that it is so easy to clean. Most often, a thorough spraying with water (hose or pressure washer) is adequate. For stubborn dirt use a mild detergent with water. Tougher stains or grease may require: Soft Scrub, Simple Green, baking soda, or a mild abrasive, then rinse well with water. For paint or graffiti, use a pressure washer first. Paint thinner or 400 grit sand paper may be used in extreme cases, if necessary

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