About Us

Factory Direct is a home improvement company specializing in maintenance-free, energy-efficient, home building products and services. We began our company in 1985, offering vinyl siding and installation. Since then we have expanded our products and services to include: vinyl windows & doors, decking, decorative railing, patio covers, gazebos, fencing, gates and our new line of innovative, ‘deep-water’ (soil free) gardening in a wide variety of exterior colors.

All of our products are extremely versatile, energy conscious, and can be used in any application scenario. Whether it is new home construction, improvement, replacement, or remodeling, we have the solution for all of your home improvement needs.

For more information on our state of the art gardening systems, or any our maintenance-free home improvement products, please call (530) 878-6700, or email us @ [email protected].

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